Sometimes information spewers talk like information seekers.

7 02 2008

Am I the only one, or did someone else notice but didn’t care? You’ve all surely seen it, if you live in Tulsa or visited and been fortunate enough to have a tour guide that has a certain, how the French say, I don’t know what. IT was located at 3420 E 11th St, that’s on 11th between Harvard & Yale (that IT was located between those two schools is telling?). IT was The Right Wing. Not the big tent party, that paradoxically shuns the Log Cabin group, kind of right wing, the chicken joint. Now IT has apparently been the victim of some junta. IT is now called The Right Wings, tellingly not, “The Right Wing’s”.

I really feel like we’ve lost something here. In exactly (if by exactly, I mean not at all) the same way that Huckabee, good ol’ Huckster (shucks), thinks South Carolina has lost something by not being able to fly the Confederate Battle Flag over its state capital. Not the Stars & Bars mind you, the Battle Flag of the Confederate Army, the one with the fiery cross of St. Andrew on it.

Many were the friends, visiting from out of state, who’d ask me in total disbelief, to take them to The Right Wing. Once there, there would inevitably be some photo ops with them in front of the sign. These were replete with the requisite reference to Oklahoma being the buckle of the Bible Belt, the 900 ft Jesus, etc.

What Huckabuck is saying, rather, the information he’s sending, is that he identifies with racists. He’s doing it in a coded way, but he’s still doing it. It may be more accurate to say, he’s describing his racism to the public in a Q4(Taylor, R.S., “Question-Negotiation and Information Seeking in Libraries) way. Let us not forget that under this flag the punishment for any Northern officer found commanding black troops was death. An immediate and swift on-the-spot execution. For those flying the flag Huccotash feels so impassioned about, this was SOP.

The Right Wing was Tulsa’s way of telling passersby, tourists, the world, that this is God’s Country. That name was sending information, like if Taylor’s Q3, maybe even toward a Q2, came right out of the mouth of an information seeker. No compromised Q4 action here. I didn’t like the message but I liked its delivery.

Maybe with McCain’s apparent, likely, nomination, the big tent party is telling us something. Maybe, with the change in names over at Right Wings/The Right Wing, Tulsa is speaking as well. May it be that Tulsa is becoming the (epi)center of maybe? (Get it?)




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