26 02 2008

Some of the posts I’ve been reading, and the distrust of technology, have brought to mind some music and music videos.

The first video is kind of defacto pomo. It is a present day reflection on a retro futurism. The band is from Tulsa and they are called Recorder. They won the $10, 000 prize at this year. They won the critics pick and the fan choice awards. They managed to win fan fave despite Tulsa being w/out power and internet b/c of the ice storm.

The second one is a ballad about a servant robot that a family gets and everyone loves, but the new wears off and the robot commits suicide. It is by Grandaddy and comes off their album Sophtware Slump. That album is considered one of the best albums ever made by a lot of music critics, young and old.




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