Graphic Comvels (Novics)

11 03 2008

This is some good news. David Fincher is set to direct Black Hole. A graphic novel or comic book series or whatever they are being called these days written and illustrated by Charles Burns. The series took Charles Burns 10 years to complete and when you see the illustrations you’ll know why.

Burns is in the same category, in some ways he is the category, as Daniel Clowes (Ghostworld, Art School Confidential, 8Ball Comics) and R. Crumb. 

Fincher seems perfect to direct Burns’s dark introspective and somehow looming narrative. His treatment of Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk was great. As was The Game, Seven and Zodiac. The Burns book is beautiful. Fincher has some incredible movies, so this promises to be my Rushmore, please?

Above is a humourous example of his work. His black & white illustrations are equally as arresting.




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12 03 2008

two things my dear Brackenschiak – old New Yorker stuff (blah blah blah) and “Metropolis” a very early cinematic attempt to explain the human condition. what is old is new again. you have much to learn young Jedi, but you have promise. I find you worthy. love, ruthensiensia.

13 03 2008

The black & white panel has a Metropolis feel to it, also a “Modern Times” feel. But the whole story line, the graphic novel, of “El Borba,” from which the illustration was taken, is more reminiscent in its paranoia and dystopia of “Pi.”

I like the Metropolis comparison, I hadn’t thought of that until you pointed it out. I should be so luck as to one day produce something worthy of a comparison to Metroplolis.

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