This makes me angry.

26 04 2008

  Sally Kern types in Wisconsin get angry, even threaten violence, after Pledge of Allegiance recited in a Spansih class in, guess what language, wait for it… wait for it… 

  If you guessed Farsi you were wrong.

   How could anyone think that reciting the Pledge in a Spanish class in the Spanish language is disrepecting the troops?  The people in this story are disrespecting me with their ignorance.   At least this story is coming out of another state and not Oklahoma.  But look for Inhofe, Coburn and Sullivan to comment on this case. 

  America has no official national language.  America does have several ammendmants, the first of which guarantees free speech. 

  America doesn’t have a native, white, English speeking population.  America does have many free, legal citizens who speak Spanish, either as a first or second language.





One response

28 04 2008

I love the irony of the bill to make English the official language of “Red Man’s Land.”

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