Today teh internets giveth

30 04 2008

  I found a few awesome blogs while reading the Heeb interview with Christian Lander, creator of

  Passive Aggressive Notes and Fake Steve Jobs are my favs.  They are now listed in my blogroll.

  The internets also gave me a wikipedia article about teh and that word, along with pwn, keep me laughing pretty regular.

  This wikipedia article on lol cats is awesome.  I particularly like this phrase, “Im in ur noun, verb-ing ur related noun.”




2 responses

1 05 2008
Doc Martens

So I thought of your post here when I came across this tonight:

2 05 2008

Thanks so much for that link! I had never heard of TronGuy before. He is a dreamboat.
Aside from the endless hilarity, there is some interesting research that could be done here, as the article hints at. I did notice that the etymology of LOLspeak is unclear. Though the words were invented sometime in the past 4 years, their origin is still unclear. What does that say about older words and their etymologies? I thought that was kind of interesting anyway.

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