I’ve been waiting 13 years for My Bloody Valentine.

7 05 2008

  My Bloody Valentine is to play a small set of US dates.  I have already requested time off to go see them in Chicago.

  My Bloody Valentine is probably best known today for Kevin Shields’s work on the Lost In Translation soundtrack.  But, for me, MBV’s 1991 album, Loveless, is it.  It is my favourite album of all time.  MBV is my favourite band ever.  It is my opinion that without MBV, we would have no Sonic Youth, no Pavement, no Radiohead, etc., etc.  I put MBV as the second most important/influential band in Rock & Roll history, right behind Chuck Berry (without whom we wouldn’t have had the Beatles…).  This is like my birthday, christmas, chanukah and new year’s all rolled into one.  

  Not only are MBV touring for the first time since 1991, they are slated to release two albums.  One is to consist of unreleased material from the 1991 sessions that were to have made the follow up album to Loveless (then MBV broke up), the other is to be of new material. 

  On another note, Tom Waits is set to play the Brady June 25th.  I’m not such a big fan of his but apparently a lot of people are.  The cheap tix are $400.




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