Striking Similarities

17 05 2008

  It struck me on Monday as I was driving to work hearing yet another report on Myanmar (Burma) and the horrible cyclone that struck the country, yet another striking blow to the arguement that America is not the best country in the world.  Look at the example below. 

  Myanmar, due to a devastating cyclone hitting the country, many are left without homes, power, food, clean water, etc.  Tthe death toll could top 100,000, the injured count could reach 2 million.  The natural disaster is being turned into a man made catasrophe due to the Government of Myanmar not letting in foreign aid.  The government has repeatedly denied entrance to the county by foreign aid workers.  Myanmar’s ability to respond to such a large scale disaster has been pointed out as insufficent in many articles.  So why will they not let in foreign aid workers?  Is it pride, fear or something else?  Surely in America, in our republic, the democratically elected officials wouldn’t allow something so horrid to occur.

  America, flashback to 29 August 2005.  To paraphrase Sophia Petrillo, picture it, New Orleans 2005, hurricane Katrina hits the city.  For whatever reasons the government, the US government, said it was ‘unable’ to reach to devastated areas.  It insisted on this for several days.  Foreign aid workers were turned away from ports around New Orleans by the US armed forces.  This first occured on 30 August 2005, the day after the hurricane hit the city, several days before American aid reached anyone in the city.  G-Dub stated that America did not need any assistance from foreign aid workers and further that America would not accept assistance from foreign aid workers. Yet, no aid was reaching the people of New Orleans. So why would G-Dub not let in foreign aid workers? Was it pride, fear or something else?

  It strikes me as odd that Myanmar, who’s armed forces are much smaller than that of the US, will not let in foreign aid workers to assist its citizens. 

  It strikes me as odd that the US, who’s relief forces were ‘unable’ to reach the citizens of New Orleans, would not let in foreign aid workers that were able to. 

  Truely this shows the difference in governance between a military junta style dictatorship and that of a republic.





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17 05 2008

Interesting how ‘different’ bureaucracies can be…

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