Dead at last, dead at last. Thank god almighty he’s dead at last.

10 07 2008

  What is the deal with the press coverage/reports about Sen Jesse Helms?  Did everyone forget he was a racist, bigoted bully?  Below are a few quotes, taken in context, from the 90’s.  There are others, a multitude of others, from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s & 80’s but, I kept it recent to show Helms’s unrepentant, unapologetic bigotry. 

  ‘And the man ABC News now describes as a “conservative icon” (8/22/01) in 1993 sang “Dixie” in an elevator to Carol Moseley-Braun, the first African-American woman elected to the Senate, bragging, “I’m going to make her cry. I’m going to sing Dixie until she cries.” (Chicago Sun-Times, 8/5/93)’

    ‘More recently, when a caller to CNN’s Larry King Live show praised guest Jesse Helms for  “everything you’ve done to help keep down the niggers,” Helms’ response was to salute the camera and say, “Well, thank you, I think.” (Wilmington Star-News, 9/16/95)’

  Click here for the full article in which these quotes appear (w/ retro, bonus hate from pre 1990!).  Helms’s homophobic predjudices are also seen in the article.  It seems a tad odd that Barack Obama is accused of being un & anti American and a terrorist and John Kerry was accused of being anti-American but Helms is reffered to as a posterboy for attack dog politics and unabashed and bold.


Setting & Situation

5 07 2008

So there are a few events I want to be a part of, attend, witness, before I shuffle off this mortal slinky. Some of them are, Carnival in Rio, Oktoberfest in Bavaria and Gay Pride in San Fransisco. At the end of the month, my precious girlfriend and I are to be in San Fransisco during the Gay Pride events.

My precious girlfriend has her degree in Theatre, was in ballet/tap/jazz/modern dance since she could walk and can belt the 5h!+ out of lavish broadway musicals. Not only does she like to watch musicals, she can enjoy listening to the soundtrack, or original cast recording, of them. So, obviously, she is very excited about Pride time in SF.

Myself, I h8 the 5h!+ out of musicals. I like theatre and theater, opera, ballet, I just don’t like it when the play breaks out into song. It bothers me to no end. I’d honestly rather be hungover.

The real purpose of the trip is to go to a family wedding/reunion. We plan on driving up Rt 1 to Humboldt and also doing a Sonoma tour. I also plan on dropping $200 at Amoeba Records and eating at the Ethiopian Cafe, a Moroccan place, a Pakistani place and a dim sum place. Plus City Lights, I love that place. I could spend untold amounts of money in there. I once saw Andrei Codrescu speak there, on a fluke. Some friends and I were in SF for the Noise Pop Festival and were cruising through the town. When we made the mecca to City Lights, Mr. Codrescu happened to be speaking. It was good stuff. I am very excited.

FOX NEWS, We Photoshop, You Decide

3 07 2008

  Fox ran two Photoshopped pictures on its ‘Fox & Friends’ show.  The pictures is Photoshopped were of a NY Times reporter & an NY Times editor.  Check out the story here ->

  How much different is this than when Katie Couric is thinned out and dewrikled?  Or when the glamour mags airbrush the models?  One could argue that the reporters Fox Photoshopped were made to be less attractive and more sinister, but that is just an opinion.  Some people may like yellow, corn nugget teeth. 

  I think what Fox did is despicable.  I think that what glamour mags do is just bad, but where and how do we draw the line?  I assume, but don’t know, that the models, KC included, allow or sign a contract allowing the mags to alter their appearances.  The two NY Times guys did not, again assumed by me.  So perhaps the only difference is legalistic and the other differences are only arbitrary.  Perhaps airbrushing the truth is as bad as distorting it.  It’s all propaganda, no?