Setting & Situation

5 07 2008

So there are a few events I want to be a part of, attend, witness, before I shuffle off this mortal slinky. Some of them are, Carnival in Rio, Oktoberfest in Bavaria and Gay Pride in San Fransisco. At the end of the month, my precious girlfriend and I are to be in San Fransisco during the Gay Pride events.

My precious girlfriend has her degree in Theatre, was in ballet/tap/jazz/modern dance since she could walk and can belt the 5h!+ out of lavish broadway musicals. Not only does she like to watch musicals, she can enjoy listening to the soundtrack, or original cast recording, of them. So, obviously, she is very excited about Pride time in SF.

Myself, I h8 the 5h!+ out of musicals. I like theatre and theater, opera, ballet, I just don’t like it when the play breaks out into song. It bothers me to no end. I’d honestly rather be hungover.

The real purpose of the trip is to go to a family wedding/reunion. We plan on driving up Rt 1 to Humboldt and also doing a Sonoma tour. I also plan on dropping $200 at Amoeba Records and eating at the Ethiopian Cafe, a Moroccan place, a Pakistani place and a dim sum place. Plus City Lights, I love that place. I could spend untold amounts of money in there. I once saw Andrei Codrescu speak there, on a fluke. Some friends and I were in SF for the Noise Pop Festival and were cruising through the town. When we made the mecca to City Lights, Mr. Codrescu happened to be speaking. It was good stuff. I am very excited.




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