It’s not just OK

28 08 2008

This story reminds me of our, Oklahoma’s, own Sally Kern.  Not so much Sally’s homophobic tyraid, but her efforts to get certain children’s books banned from the Tulsa City-County Library.  Some of the more hilarious titles she had on her list dealt with going to the doctor/dentist & adoption.  This new contender, JoAn Karkos, has chosen the book, “It’s Perfectly Normal: Changing Bodies, Growing Up, Sex and Sexual Health” to wage war against.  Let us take this book, “It’s Perfectly Normal…” and compare the harm it has done to that of another book, say, The Bible.  There is hard proof that this book has been responsible for many bad things.  A few of these are war, genocide & slavery.  There is no proof that giving a citizenry the option to access knowledge produces violence, war, genocide, slavery, etc.  It seems to be the opposite actually.  As the public has become more informed, slavery (The Bible was used to justify) has been outlawed, women have been given the right to vote (those who opposed women’s suffrage used The Bible to defend this position) and other societal injustices have been ended, often in spite of religious efforts and rhetoric.  Think of gay rights today, think of an organized group that is opposed to this, would they use The Bible to back up their positions?  I bet they would.  They certainly wouldn’t use “It’s Perfectly Normal…”

I know out technological evolution has far outpaced our ethical evolution but, it still isn’t fun to be reminded of just how   W     I     D     E   the gap is.  So, this story is disheartening but, it also makes me feel good, schadenfreude, that Oklahoma isn’t the only state plagued by the narrow of mind and small of intellect.