Eleventy Twelve

4 09 2008

  I was a habitual photo class taker in high school, which probably led to my photojournalism degree dreams in college. I really like photography and would have been a photojournalism major, if’n it wasn’t for the high price of that degree, chemical purchases, paper purchases, film purchases, etc. I wonder if they still do that stuff today, what with the digital cameras and Adobe photoshop and all.
  A side note, I attended a volunteer recognition reception at my sweet GF’s branch, Schusterman-Benson, and was given an automatic camera. This was a fim camera w/auto focus. I was also given a digital camera. I had no problem using the digital camera but was completely flummoxed by the automatic. It had been so long since I’d used one, eighth grade pre-photo class era, that I could not figure this thing out. I had to ask for assistance, which provided great amusement to the vintage crowd. I was so perplexed that when I left there I went straight home and took out the old Pentax with the manual focus, manual f stop and shutter speed and made sure I could stil use that thing, which, I am proud to report, I am. I even remembered the f stop v shutter speed priorities (big aperture = deep focus). With that in mind I offer this link to the Beryl Ford Collection.

  I am a fan of road trips. I am also a fan of travelling in general. I dislike meeting people on planes, ditto chatting. So I always bring a book and ear buds when flying. This makes it virtually impossible for annoying chatty strangers to disturb me, my eyes are busy, and I can’t hear you. Usually people leave me alone when I’m wearing this invisibility cloak. Audio books come in handy for the road trip and for the cloak, any long sedentary period really. So I offer up Librivox, a collection of public domain audio book recordings.

  I like grey areas. I like to argue. I offer these links because I feel they occupy a grey area in the world of digital collections.

Playaways Fiction
Playaways Nonfiction

  These things are mp3 players w/ one audio book on them. It is part of what TCCL calls its digital collection. It is digital in format but, it has a physical presence in our library, it takes up shelf space.