Teh Ubliet

8 10 2008

You remind me of the babe.

Last night Dennis (author of the Informulary blog listed at right on my blogroll), Ruth (author of the Accidental Bloggist listed at right on my blogroll) and I met to go over Digital Collections stuff.  We were all at various levels of non-comprehension.  I was by far the lost-est but, we all had some common ground in our various levels of lost-itude.  Dennis and I are both struggling with the all online format.  Maybe struggling isn’t the right word, perplexed or befuddled might be closer to accurate.  I cannot speak for Dennis but I am unable to engage d2l in a meaningful way.  I have known for awhile what my learning/cognitive styles are, I am an aural, tactile learner and a social processor.  I need to engage in aural activity to be able to process information to the point where I can actually use it.  That is to say, make an argument for or against this information, judge its relevance or worth.  I need to talk about it and/or hear it talked about.  I need to engage in face to face ,f2f instead of d2l, conversation to come to a point of understanding-ness.

What babe?

I can wade through d2l’s hideous interface, search content, links, the syllabus, discussions (and lo there are many of these) and know what it is I am to be doing but I can’t process what exactly that is.  That I am unable is weird, even to me.

The babe w/ the power.

We discussed rubricks, Goldberg contraptions, digital collections, repositories, beer, nachos, libraries, LIS V KM, certain professors and fellow students.  It was great fun and very informative.  Some of the more useful things that came out of our musings follow.  We thought it would be very handy to be able to flag posts in the d2l application.  We discussed how many librarians, and us as well, bemoan the increasing popularity of Google searches and how, for many people, Google is substituting for an information professional.  How this will never be as meaningful or informative as an interaction with an information specialist, yet LIS school seems to be trending towards online classes rather that a face to face situation.

What power?

What makes both of these scenarios bad is that only 10% (being rather kind in this estimate) of the meaning is passed through the actual words a person uses.  The other 90% is nonverbal, body language, vocal intonations and fluctuations, etc.  Some things are specific to online LIS classes, the feeling of anonymity provided by message boards, the inability to say, “yeah,” or “mmhmm” or to post a one line response, agreement or question.  As much as it tries, the message board will never substitute for an informed conversation in an f2f situation.  Maybe if Google developed an online learning environment…

The power of voodoo.

D2l, like Google (books, maps, search engine…), Amazon and the like, are handy tools.  So long as they are treated like tools and not a substitute for f2f, information specialists, teh library…  As far as the tool thing goes, none of the things I mentioned are any worse than a dictionary or encyclopedia or other handy tools.  But they work better as tools, suplements not as the sum total.

Who do?

That is all a prelude to say, I am now on track.  I have some ideas, that I will save for a future post and I have some plans, these may appear in future post 1 or mayhap I’ll put them in future post 2 (Future Self may totally hate me for this, btw).  Dennis and I have made official our intent to keep on having these meetings.  It does me good to discuss the class and its various and sundry topics with other reasonably intelligent peeps.  Ruth has made it seem like she is down with the continuation as well, just not as fervently as Dennis and I.

You do.

I have so much more understanding of what I was reading after this, our first meeting.  I no longer have the underlying sense of fear and apprehension that was plaguing my stay in teh ubliet.  I can now formulate arguments and put together various pieces of the material with things I have learned in the past.  I am able to weave this new information in with what it is I already know and believe.  But now I am out and it’s not even close to 13 O’Clock.

Do what?




One response

9 10 2008

yes, I’m absolutely down for all future meetings of the Labyrinth Society, unless I oubliet. 🙂

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