Unimpressive Things About Me

9 10 2008

Guy, the author of the “Intertubes” blog that is listed in my blogroll, has j’accuse’d me.  I am to write 6 unimpressive things about myself.  I see you sire and I call:

1) Like John Cusack’s girlfriend in High Fidelity, I rub my feet together while going to sleep.

2) I like Steve Madden & Kenneth Cole shoes.

3) I believe long sleeved t-shirts to be the perfect garment for covering your torso.

4) I own more Nine Inch Nails cd’s than anyone who is not gothic ought to.

5) I can make scrambled eggs.

6) I can drive a stick shift & a standard automobile.

I hope these things are unimpressive.  I am surely duely impressed by this list’s lack of impressive qualities.




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