Initial rumblings in, $20 billion in bonus pay.

29 10 2008

  Update, AIG burns through $123 billion in a month, with no idea where it went.  Read.


  This article is the first of what I am sure will be many more stories of corporate bailout bonuses paid for by us, the taxpaying US citizens who, on average, make less money in a lifetime than one ‘set aside’ amount.  Since this is one of the 1st reports, the 1st I have seen, I’m sure the subsequent figures will only get bigger.  I guess $20 billion isn’t so bad, we have pledged $800 billion (more but who’s counting?).  It’s kind of like losing a penny in your drawer of hundreds.  And I’m the Jew (self-description, not hate mongering) looking for the damn thing and bitching at you for losing it. 

  I guess we should actually be grateful that the current administration is so down for the upward redistribution of wealth instead of that evil kind Obama is talking about which would shamefully, evilishly and communisticallyish redistribute wealth from the top down.  Ludacris. 

  We should actually be beating and jailing the poor for getting us into this mess in the first place, not just taking their money and rewarding the hard working captains of commerce that heroically fought for America’s best interests, that shackled themselves to an ethical, moral foundation in a truly Kierkegaardian fashion, despite the temptation being thrown at them by the poor.  You damn poor people, take it wretched scalawags, ye loose strumpets and jackanapes.  See the ruin you have wrought on the rich and be loathed.

  Here is one of my favourite lines from the article:

     “Critical producers and critical managers will be retained with the same bonus they had last year,” said Robert Sloan, head of U.S. financial-services recruiting at Egon Zehnder International, a New York-based executive-search firm. “The others will see sharp cuts.”

  I sure hope it’s the workaday jerks, the Joe Sixpacks and soccer moms that got us into this mess that they mean but, ‘the others.’  Let’s see some hourly wages get reduced, that would serve them right,  damn evil doers.  Cause without these bonuses, that are going to the the ‘critical’ producers and managers, who, due to their salaries, make up the 10% of America’s top earners.  These bonuses could potentially save 100% of the home foreclosures on multimilliondollar houses.  What a shame it would be to lose all that African and Brazilian hardwood flooring and minimalist furnishing.




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