UPDATE: Of God & Justice

2 03 2009


  In January (2009) the $500,000 top prize in Alaska’s statewide lottery, which benefits the organization Standing Together Against Rape, for victims of sexual assault, was won by Alec Ahsoak, 53, who has been convicted twice of sex offenses. Link to the article.

Originally posted 8 July 2008-

  This story, a sex offender wins a multi-million dollar lottery ($57 million), reaffirms my beliefs. This other sex offender also won, but he only got $10 million. Link to the video.

  On a different note, I saw a CNA look directly at a poster for “Definitely, Maybe” and for “Cloverfield ” and was unable to read the words. She asked instead for “difficult maybe” and “covergirl.” At least humanity’s best is looking after our weak and infirmed.