OHP dash cam footage released.

13 06 2009

Below are a few things I’d like to point out about this video.

It was initially reported that the OHP told the EMT to “watch his rear view mirrors.” In this clip one can see that the OHP does not stay far enough behind the ambulance for them to see him in the rear views and he only stays behind the ambulance for a few seconds.

The OHP spends 18, eighteen, seconds at the scene he was called to. When he leaves the scene, you can hear his engine as he guns it to chase down the ambulance.

The trooper is informed IMMEDIATELY that the ambulance is carrying a patient to the hospital. The OHP had initially said that no one told him that there was a patient in the back and that as soon as he found out there was a patient, he let the ambulace head on. Only after 2ish minutes does the OHP actually open the door to check for a patient and then continues to delay its progress.

At one point a family member of the lady in the back asks the trooper to let them be on their way, to which the trooper responds, “you’d be on your way 5 minutes ago if ya’ll didn’t come out here” (I paraphrase a bit)”

The only thing the trooper keeps harping on is that “no one talks to a state trooper like that, I don’t care who you are.” Which, I think, is the real reason for this travesty. One trooper couldn’t put his ego in check enough to let an ambulance, on an emergency call, continue to the hospital because he felt someone had called him out on his smallness. That is to say, because the trooper felt that he had been disrespected, he was justified in keeping an ambulance from getting to the hospital.

A few things about the popo.

I can not count how many times I have seen a law enforcement official turn on his lights to speed through a red light, only to turn them off and continue on his way at a normal speed. This occurrence is so frequent that even if only 10% are non-emergency, that would put this at 1-3 times a month. That is 1-3 times a month that I, one person, witness.

I have never seen an ambulance or a firetruck do this. Never in my 16 years of driving.

My car once broke down on state highway 51 (circa 1998). I was on the shoulder of the road. A law enforcement officer pulled over on the shoulder in front of me, backed up to my car and got out. He told me that I needed to move my car off the shoulder. I told him that it was broke and needed a jump. I held up my jumper cables. He looked at them, then at me and said, good, you get this off the shoulder and that if he came back and I was still there, he’d give me a citation. He then continued on his way.

I was sitting outside of the Macaroni Grill at 71st and Memorial. I was on a bench that faced the street with my restaurant pager in my pocket waiting with some friends for a table. I took out my pouch of Top and proceeded to roll a cigarette. We heard a squeel of tires on the road as a car slammed on its brakes that was heading past the restaurant. The car REVERSED on the road and turned into the restaurant parking lot. The car squeeled to a stop again, this time right in front of the bench I was sitting on. An angry man jumped out of the car and yelled “what are you doing?” As he was looking at me I said “rolling a cigarette” and gestured at the yellow Top pouch sitting on my lap. He looked at it and YELLED “You’re lucky. I’m an off duty police officer.” He got back into his car and sped off. I was not lucky. I wasn’t high, I was not holding, I hadn’t been close to pot in years. This officer thought it was ok slam on his brakes, REVERSE down a major thoroughfare, all to check on what I was rolling.

This incident is further proof that popo have to much power. There was a study done about celebrities and how they get such inflated egos. I paraphrase the theory now. The theory starts, how does a celeb get to the point where if they are walking down the street and a lady has a heart attack and at the same time the celeb stubs their toe, all of the celebs’ entourage will coddle the celeb and ignore the lady having the heart attack. The theory goes that if this kind of thing happens enough, the celebs start buying into the idea that they are uber-important. That their feelings, emotions, thoughts, etc., are more important that those of anyone else. Repetition is the key to learning, oui?

So it goes with the popo. They start to believe in their own power, their own superiority.