6 04 2012

I saw a car heading down the road tother day. The back window read “Should of thought better!”


Country Music and Al Jourgensen

11 09 2010

Apparently it had rained since I got back from the doctor’s. I got to leave work early to go to the doctor to have an ultrasound done on my thyroid. It turns out that my pituitary gland’s secretion of TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) is under the normal level and this has caused my thyroid to become enlarged and underperform a bit. I haven’t been outside since arriving at my house from that appointment, about 3:00pm. I had been alternating between reading for Dr.s Martens and White and doing chores. I decided it was time for a change in venues. It was 2:37am when I left the house for OU. My current course load consists of two directed classes, Readings (on archives) and Project (a Bob Wills/Western Swing/Cain’s Ballroom collection). I had been reading Hubert’s Freaks: The Rare-Book Dealer, the Times Square Talker, and the Lost Photos of Diane Arbus by Gregory Gibson. Apparently the subject of the book is into synchronicity. Funny then that just prior to leaving the house, I should notice a bit of that happening in my sphere of influence.

Tuesday night I was out with a friend and she, for reasons that escape me, starts talking about the “You’re Beautiful” by James Blunt (sidenote, I hate both the song and artist), even pulls up the video on Youtube so as to refresh my memory of said song. Since then, today is Saturday, either James Blunt or “You’re Beautiful “ has come up, like, seven times. I even sent her an FB message commenting on this. This is neither here nor there, so I shall continue with the story started above.
I’m driving to OU at 2:30am, dead ass sober, to continue reading for my classes. After sitting in the drive way scrolling through the artists list on the ipod and deciding on the, almost brand new, Sharon Jones and The Dap Kings album “I Learned the Hard Way,” I headed out. The reason for the driveway selection was that on the way home, in a bit of a mood, I had selected a playlist of The Cure and Smith’s songs and when starting the car “Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want” was playing, I needed a switch. Driving south on the highway from my home in Gilcrease Hills, I noticed a mist, then the roads showed small signs of dampness, then heavier mist and more obvious signs on the road of a rain but, not enough to roll up the windows. So here I am, enjoying the smell of rain, windows down so I can enjoy the cool temperature, smoking and falling more deeply in love with this album and how good it sounds on my recently added, way too expensive, car audio install.

Being 2:30am, I was overly cautious of other drivers on the road, fearing them all to be drunk. An SUV pulls up to pass on my right side. As it passes, it slows, I can hear the call of the Woo Girls, “WOOOOOO!,” as it cruises along side of me. I look over and discover, I am being mooned. The ass was that of a skinny white girl in a black g-string, poked out of the rear driver side window. Though the girl was obviously skinny, and white, it was still a decent ass, I digress. The ass retreats back into the car, the woooing stops and the car heads on. My first thought is that I hope the girl’s butt didn’t get all dampened by the mist, cause that feels gross, putting a wet ass into pants. The next string of thoughts are what caused me to take time out from reading and write this down. It struck me that I was happy to see this kind of display.

Here I am, 33 years old, worried about privacy settings on Facebook, setting up groups so that I can limit who sees my posts, (no family and/or no coworkers and/or no charity adds, etc., etc.), pretending to give a shit about customer service at work, looking good in front of bosses and in general being more paranoid of authority and surveillance than I had been when I was the age of the gd punks in the moon-car.

I’m glad I came of age when I did. I’m not sure that I could have done the stupid/awesome, evil/rad stuff I did in back then, in this age of youtube and unmarked police cars. Rather, I’m unsure I’d have the stones to do the things I did. It was really awesome to see what appeared to be a carload of socs being this punk rock, having stones that big. I was really glad to see that despite technology’s encroachment on privacy/anonymity, young folks are still bucking, still fighting the good fight, or, as Christian Slater’s character says in True Romance, “…throw caution to the wind and let the chips fall where they may.” It’s not an overt political statement, nor do I attribute any conscious, serious thought to this action. I know it was probably just drunken funtimes. Still, the act is a socio-political commentary and I’d vote for it. Further, it was this kind of thing, doing things just cause, messing with the normies, stealing from corporations, breaking stuff for no reason, the punk rock ethos, that I got into Country music in general and Bob Wills in particular.

Country was my grandfather’s music, and I hated it, all my life, until I read an interview with Ministry’s front man my freshman year in high school. Al Jourgensen, the frontman, states that he is in a band with a bunch of other musicians I loved called “Buck Satan and the 666 Shooters.” This band was dedicated to making country music. Jourgensen went on to explain that another of his side project bands, “The Revolting Cocks,” was named after the early country musicians, as he said, “the original revolting cocks.” He goes on to explain how country music was the punk rock of its day. Men talking about drinking to excess, spending time with women of questionable morals and the musicians themselves hanging out with black folks and making music that sounds like “race music.” All of this occurs while I’m on my way to OU to do work for class which is aimed at me starting a physical collection of Bob Wills/Western Swing/Cain’s Ballroom stuff. So, here I am, lifelong atheist, anarchist, anti-authoritarian, indie rock/hipster-rish, 33 year old man-adolescent, being retaught an ethos I subscribe to by drunken automatons (socs) on a rainy Friday night/Saturday morning.
Attention to detail. That’s why I like music so much, it pays dividends.  The more attention you pay to it, the closer you examine it, the further you research it, the bigger the dividends. It’s why I have a record player and countless records, instead of owning only digital formats. It’s why I spent way too much money on a car audio install. It’s why I’m an audiophile. All of these things bring out more of the details of the music, recreates the studio sound, in all of it’s splendid clarity and detail, or noise and mud, regardless but, it does it all faithfully. I hope I can add to this, in some small way, with a faithful recreation of Bob Wills/Western Swing/Cain’s Ballroom in Tulsa, through objects, articles, books, recordings.

OHP dash cam footage released.

13 06 2009

Below are a few things I’d like to point out about this video.

It was initially reported that the OHP told the EMT to “watch his rear view mirrors.” In this clip one can see that the OHP does not stay far enough behind the ambulance for them to see him in the rear views and he only stays behind the ambulance for a few seconds.

The OHP spends 18, eighteen, seconds at the scene he was called to. When he leaves the scene, you can hear his engine as he guns it to chase down the ambulance.

The trooper is informed IMMEDIATELY that the ambulance is carrying a patient to the hospital. The OHP had initially said that no one told him that there was a patient in the back and that as soon as he found out there was a patient, he let the ambulace head on. Only after 2ish minutes does the OHP actually open the door to check for a patient and then continues to delay its progress.

At one point a family member of the lady in the back asks the trooper to let them be on their way, to which the trooper responds, “you’d be on your way 5 minutes ago if ya’ll didn’t come out here” (I paraphrase a bit)”

The only thing the trooper keeps harping on is that “no one talks to a state trooper like that, I don’t care who you are.” Which, I think, is the real reason for this travesty. One trooper couldn’t put his ego in check enough to let an ambulance, on an emergency call, continue to the hospital because he felt someone had called him out on his smallness. That is to say, because the trooper felt that he had been disrespected, he was justified in keeping an ambulance from getting to the hospital.

A few things about the popo.

I can not count how many times I have seen a law enforcement official turn on his lights to speed through a red light, only to turn them off and continue on his way at a normal speed. This occurrence is so frequent that even if only 10% are non-emergency, that would put this at 1-3 times a month. That is 1-3 times a month that I, one person, witness.

I have never seen an ambulance or a firetruck do this. Never in my 16 years of driving.

My car once broke down on state highway 51 (circa 1998). I was on the shoulder of the road. A law enforcement officer pulled over on the shoulder in front of me, backed up to my car and got out. He told me that I needed to move my car off the shoulder. I told him that it was broke and needed a jump. I held up my jumper cables. He looked at them, then at me and said, good, you get this off the shoulder and that if he came back and I was still there, he’d give me a citation. He then continued on his way.

I was sitting outside of the Macaroni Grill at 71st and Memorial. I was on a bench that faced the street with my restaurant pager in my pocket waiting with some friends for a table. I took out my pouch of Top and proceeded to roll a cigarette. We heard a squeel of tires on the road as a car slammed on its brakes that was heading past the restaurant. The car REVERSED on the road and turned into the restaurant parking lot. The car squeeled to a stop again, this time right in front of the bench I was sitting on. An angry man jumped out of the car and yelled “what are you doing?” As he was looking at me I said “rolling a cigarette” and gestured at the yellow Top pouch sitting on my lap. He looked at it and YELLED “You’re lucky. I’m an off duty police officer.” He got back into his car and sped off. I was not lucky. I wasn’t high, I was not holding, I hadn’t been close to pot in years. This officer thought it was ok slam on his brakes, REVERSE down a major thoroughfare, all to check on what I was rolling.

This incident is further proof that popo have to much power. There was a study done about celebrities and how they get such inflated egos. I paraphrase the theory now. The theory starts, how does a celeb get to the point where if they are walking down the street and a lady has a heart attack and at the same time the celeb stubs their toe, all of the celebs’ entourage will coddle the celeb and ignore the lady having the heart attack. The theory goes that if this kind of thing happens enough, the celebs start buying into the idea that they are uber-important. That their feelings, emotions, thoughts, etc., are more important that those of anyone else. Repetition is the key to learning, oui?

So it goes with the popo. They start to believe in their own power, their own superiority.

UPDATE: Of God & Justice

2 03 2009


  In January (2009) the $500,000 top prize in Alaska’s statewide lottery, which benefits the organization Standing Together Against Rape, for victims of sexual assault, was won by Alec Ahsoak, 53, who has been convicted twice of sex offenses. Link to the article.

Originally posted 8 July 2008-

  This story, a sex offender wins a multi-million dollar lottery ($57 million), reaffirms my beliefs. This other sex offender also won, but he only got $10 million. Link to the video.

  On a different note, I saw a CNA look directly at a poster for “Definitely, Maybe” and for “Cloverfield ” and was unable to read the words. She asked instead for “difficult maybe” and “covergirl.” At least humanity’s best is looking after our weak and infirmed.

If I Had All the Time In the World

4 12 2008

There is a great source of political information at opensecrets.org.  This site will tell one who/what/which, individuals, companies/corporations and PACs gave money to individual politicians, political causes or parties.  One can enter one’s zip code and get a list of local politicians and where they got their money from.  One may also look up any politician one desires and find out where their contributions came from.  The same is true of corporations, one may put in a corporation and find out where they are putting their money.

If I had all the time in the world, and unlimited resources, I’d build a digital collection that would do the same for the bail out cash.  That is, where it is going and what that organization is doing with the money.  Later it would show how much money is being/has been repaid.

I would also build an earmark or pork belly digital collection.  One could look up which politician added which earmarks, how many they’ve added, how many their state, city, etc, has received, how many have they proposed, etc.

One could also build the same type of collection for bills introduced, anti-gay bills, pro-life bills, anti civil liberty bills, etc.  I think these tools would be invaluable in the voting process.  This might prove to be especially true for younger voters.  They are typically under represented in the turnout of elections and they are more tech savvy, and more likely to get their news online, than older voters who are more likely to get their information from news papers, TV, books, etc.

I now arrive at a point of consternation.  One’s dollar votes.  Take for example the recent boycott by pro gay marriage Californians of organizations that donated to the anti gay marriage cause.  I am astounded that this is controversial.

The argument has been made, by Chomsky, Watts and others, that one’s dollar votes are really all the American public has left.  By ‘public’ I mean those of us that make less than a million or so a year.  Politicians, including Obama, probably – we’ll see (and I hope I’m wrong), are loyal to their donors.  Businesses donate to get favourable legislation passed.  If one chooses to give one’s commerce to a business that donates to a politician who votes pro-life (for example), that business has more money to donate.  If a large, informed, group of consumers choose to ‘give’ their money to businesses that donate to pro-choice politicians, that cause would get more money and the other side would get less.  This seems like an idea that free market proponents could get behind, let the market dictate.

We, the public, control the vote.  We, the public again, also control where our money goes.  If there was a place to go to see, more closely and easily, what businesses were doing with our money, we could make our dollar votes count for more.

This doesn’t just go for business donations, CEO’s and other officers who make their money from our commerce give HUGE sums to politicians.  We can aim that money.  If we give them less revenue, they can not spend as much on politicians.

So, digital collections could be a force for change, or status quo, but a force nonetheless, simply by existing.  One only needs to build it.  Also, one needs to promote this.  Thinking of all the news stories and controversy that arose when a group of people started making their dollar votes heard, this is a collection that is bound to get a lot of free press, just by existing.

It feels kind of weird to have seen knowledge about what businesses, and those who run them, do with ‘our’ money, be so controversial.  It feels the same as when religious right type groups call for boycotts of movies, Harry P. comes to mind, because they didn’t like its message vs a religious right type group that calls to ban the release of a movie or TV stations existence.  The phrase “if you don’t like don’t go/watch/buy it,” comes to mind.  A boycott is consistent with that idea, a ban is not.  Boycotts do not take away someone’s right to buy whatever one wants.  A ban does.  A ban, carried to its logical conclusion, end is fascism.  A ban is a group forcing something on another group of people.  A boycott is choosing not to spend one’s money somewhere, there is nothing forced on anybody.  Choice vs force.

Why are GM, Ford & Chrysler moving away from production of SUV’s?  It is not because they are selling like flapjacks but the CEO’s decided that it would be better for the planet if they made a fleet that emitted less CO2.  It is because people stopped buying them.  That logic is true across the board for businesses.  Even if some company wanted to make a green fleet of cars, if they didn’t sell, they’d be fiscally forced to stop production.

I guess they bottom line is this, since our money is being used to political ends anyway, it would be great if there was a place where consumers could go for quick and easy (Herr Zipf would have my back on this) information about what their money was supporting, they could have a say, an informed say, about what that money spent, said for them.

Paying attention.

20 11 2008

  My item the 9th, the Urban Dictionary, is a cool site.  I think it is important in the context of information repositories because of its irreverence, its shock value.  If we accept that the ‘build it & they will come’ ethos is bunk, then we must figure out ways to expose repositories to people.  If the repository is intended for use by the general public, or a part of the GP, a subculture, then one has to find ways to reach them.  In addition, once one has reached the intended population, one must convince them to actually go to and use the repository. 

  I am against appealing to the lowest common denominator so hard.  I am against hype-marketing hard as well.  I think this is because the products that use these things are trying to promote the worst things, unhealthy food, horrible movies, detrimental things in general.  So, might it be ok to rub up against those two forms of promotion if one’s product is ‘good?’  Might it be ok to intentionally place controversial or irreverent items in the collection to get some promo?  Assuming, of course, that the contovo/irrev item(s)  ‘legitimately’ belong in the collection.  That is to say, puting pictures of the FBI’s corpse garden in a repository for books made into films would not be ‘legit.’  Though, putting those pictures in a collection about genocide would be acceptable, even though the FBI’s corpse garden has nothing to do with genocide.

  So, mightent one have to do things one finds distasteful if one wants to get one’s IR known and used by the people who it is created for?  I think maybe one must.  But then again, I am very suspicious of ‘best sellers’ or movies that are ‘top grossing.’  That isn’t to say that I do not like any, I do.  But, when a favourite band or author has an album/book that comes out and goes platinum/best seller, I suspect that they have lost their artistic/creative integrity, that they have sold out, when before I had wondered why their albums/books didn’t sell more copies b/c they were so good.  While I wish for the artists I like to do well, I am immediately suspicious of them when they do.  I think a little of that struggle exists in many IR creators.  They want the IR to be used by people and to be popular but, only by the population it is intended for, only by those who deserve the IR, not the unwashed masses. 

  I guess what I’m saying is that, perhaps we need to come down off our high horse/ivory tower and let the thing be used.  Used by anyone, deserving or un.

I must have been sleeping.

18 11 2008

  Seriously, this is the second piece of news that I should have known about some time ago but, for some reason or tother, I have not heard about until now.  The Times has printed an article (on September 7th)claiming that Kim Jong-il is dead and has been using body doubles to keep things going.  Read the article here.


  How did I not hear about this until now?  Apparently this story has been circulating since Oct 2nd.  Hustler, Larry Flint’s magazine, is producing a “Nailin’ Palin” XXX video.  OMG that is funny.


  I need to pull my head out of my sassafras.