Gary Gygax died. So that Pascal could live on?

24 04 2008

After attending the presentation that Dr. Martens organized, I feel an invigoration. The presentation was at the OLA conference on Wednesday from 8:45-9:45 and was titled, “OSS OnRamp: 5 Innovative Projects by LIS Students Utilizing Open Source Software.” The presenters made using the software seem so easy. Plus, the idea of being able to customize my own software by writing/editing the code sort of jibes nicely with my solipsism.

In high school I was in AP Computer Science. We learned how to program in Pascal, a now mostly defunct language. But I remember really enjoying the work. This was either my junior or sophmore year, well after I had quit playing D&D, but most of the people in the class with me were active players of, not only D&D but, Magic The Gathering. The whole thing just went against who I was in high school. The computer dorks wore highwater polyester pants that showed of their white socks, had greasy hair and pizza faces. Plus, I was also too busy taking photos and working in the darkroom, writing one act plays and reading the books on the senior reading lists so I could make fun of the idiots in my grade who hadn’t read The Brothers Karamazov. That is to say, I was too busy being a different kind of dork, the pretentious art/book dork.

But now I’m ready to join up with the polyester panted empire. I’m too old for zits (please gods) and I don’t think I own any white socks. Plus, some of my friends and I are actively trying to make a D&D cadre. The open source movement is right up my alley, politically. I can’t think of a good reason not to re-up my hit points and roll the 20 sided die for charisma and charm, etc. Go OSS!