teh best brakeup ltr evr

7 05 2008

You Make Me Touch Your hands For Stupid Reasons is an awesome, almost LolCatz Speak, breakup letter. Teh internets giveth again. Make sure to have your volume up so you can hear the dramatic reading of this letter. The word construct, “you make me touch your hands for stupid reasons,” would seem sort of bittersweet in an emo song or you know, better context. But schadenfreude does not even begin to explain the massive amount of humour I found in this. Please, click and enjoy.


Today teh internets giveth

30 04 2008

  I found a few awesome blogs while reading the Heeb interview with Christian Lander, creator of stuffwhitepeoplelike.com.

  Passive Aggressive Notes and Fake Steve Jobs are my favs.  They are now listed in my blogroll.

  The internets also gave me a wikipedia article about teh and that word, along with pwn, keep me laughing pretty regular.

  This wikipedia article on lol cats is awesome.  I particularly like this phrase, “Im in ur noun, verb-ing ur related noun.”

Dear internets,

5 04 2008

  Sorry, dear internets, that it has been such a long time since adding to your vast stores of useless info.  It is becasue of those vast stores that I haven’t contributed.  I’ve been reading much of it as of late, which left me little time to write.  Plus school and work(s).  But thanks none the less dear internets for providing me with so much useful (for spanning time at work, when bored at home, while waiting for my school group to post the ‘new’ draft of a current project, etc.) useless information.  I know this doesn’t technically count as adding to your stores but, I felt you were owed some praise. 

  Mr. and/or M(rs/s/z). Internets, thanks for showing me this-

Christian Bale stars in Terminator 4!