Dear internets,

5 04 2008

  Sorry, dear internets, that it has been such a long time since adding to your vast stores of useless info.  It is becasue of those vast stores that I haven’t contributed.  I’ve been reading much of it as of late, which left me little time to write.  Plus school and work(s).  But thanks none the less dear internets for providing me with so much useful (for spanning time at work, when bored at home, while waiting for my school group to post the ‘new’ draft of a current project, etc.) useless information.  I know this doesn’t technically count as adding to your stores but, I felt you were owed some praise. 

  Mr. and/or M(rs/s/z). Internets, thanks for showing me this-

Christian Bale stars in Terminator 4!



Graphic Comvels (Novics)

11 03 2008

This is some good news. David Fincher is set to direct Black Hole. A graphic novel or comic book series or whatever they are being called these days written and illustrated by Charles Burns. The series took Charles Burns 10 years to complete and when you see the illustrations you’ll know why.

Burns is in the same category, in some ways he is the category, as Daniel Clowes (Ghostworld, Art School Confidential, 8Ball Comics) and R. Crumb. 

Fincher seems perfect to direct Burns’s dark introspective and somehow looming narrative. His treatment of Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk was great. As was The Game, Seven and Zodiac. The Burns book is beautiful. Fincher has some incredible movies, so this promises to be my Rushmore, please?

Above is a humourous example of his work. His black & white illustrations are equally as arresting.