What’s zee problem?

28 10 2008

  Item the Eighth under My 10 Items, is about the z-axis and how third dimensional capabilities in visual interaction with teh internets could potentially revolutionize not just the way we see data and the way data interactions are structured but would necessitate such things as new mouse design and different keyboards.  While the applications for gaming and movies are obvious and visceral, the z-axis also holds great potential for digital collections. 

  The 3rd dimension, the z-axis, has been around in visual representations for a long time.  Its application has been limited.  Mostly by cost and technology but, as terabytes and ever faster processing speed have become almost passé, the application of the 3rd dimension to visual data interactions becomes more feasible and likely. 

  The z-axial application could be a revolutionary application or tool for the visual data interaction we all have with digital collections.  The z-axis, fore and aft, could be a citation stream.  As one moves forward one would go through the articles cited by the original article and aft would be articles that have cited the original article.  This is just my initial thought on the z-axis.  I am positive some industrial types could think of better ways to use the z-axis but, this seems handy to me so I include it here.  This could also be used for links, with fore and aft, one could go to pages that link to the original page and the other way round.

  For websites this could be used for similarity chases.  Say one is on Amazon looking to purchase a new CD or mp3 download, fore could be a search through other retail sites that list your item as well, aft could be scrolling through Stereogum, Pitchfork, Allmusic, etc., for reviews and cross listings in the vein of “if you like this, you may also like” style.  Again, I’m sure there are better applications but, I include this here only for an example of how it could be used.  There could even be a “hard fore” and a “hard aft, ” excuse the implicit puns.  Soft movement could be through the current site, hard could be the situation I just described.  This could be made true of current “<-” and “->” buttons.  A soft “<-/->” click would move you through the original page’s page history while a hard “<-/->” could redesignate an original page or move you through the browser history of one of the other fore/aft pages history.  So, if one starts on Amazon, moves forward to Stereogum and then clicks a few links there, the soft “<-/->” would move you through Amazon level’s browser history.  A hard “<-/->” would move you through your current level’s browser history.  I hope this is convoluted enough.

  This is very new and is just starting to be discussed and mulled over.  I see the z-axis as inevitable.  It will become part of the way we interact with data, maybe not until we are all old and enfeebled but, it will happen.  Thinking about its uses and applications is fun as it makes me wish that this system was already in place.


teh best brakeup ltr evr

7 05 2008

You Make Me Touch Your hands For Stupid Reasons is an awesome, almost LolCatz Speak, breakup letter. Teh internets giveth again. Make sure to have your volume up so you can hear the dramatic reading of this letter. The word construct, “you make me touch your hands for stupid reasons,” would seem sort of bittersweet in an emo song or you know, better context. But schadenfreude does not even begin to explain the massive amount of humour I found in this. Please, click and enjoy.

Today teh internets giveth

30 04 2008

  I found a few awesome blogs while reading the Heeb interview with Christian Lander, creator of stuffwhitepeoplelike.com.

  Passive Aggressive Notes and Fake Steve Jobs are my favs.  They are now listed in my blogroll.

  The internets also gave me a wikipedia article about teh and that word, along with pwn, keep me laughing pretty regular.

  This wikipedia article on lol cats is awesome.  I particularly like this phrase, “Im in ur noun, verb-ing ur related noun.”

Dear internets,

5 04 2008

  Sorry, dear internets, that it has been such a long time since adding to your vast stores of useless info.  It is becasue of those vast stores that I haven’t contributed.  I’ve been reading much of it as of late, which left me little time to write.  Plus school and work(s).  But thanks none the less dear internets for providing me with so much useful (for spanning time at work, when bored at home, while waiting for my school group to post the ‘new’ draft of a current project, etc.) useless information.  I know this doesn’t technically count as adding to your stores but, I felt you were owed some praise. 

  Mr. and/or M(rs/s/z). Internets, thanks for showing me this-

Christian Bale stars in Terminator 4!